Don't Let Your Credit Score Hold You Back!


“We Say Yes When Others Say No.”

We get it... sometimes life happens. About one in three people today have credit challenges, whether it’s the result of bankruptcy, divorce, the loss of a job, health problems, new to Canada or first time buyer… the list goes on.


So you’re certainly not alone and you shouldn’t be made to like you are. You don’t deserve the anxiety that can go along with trying to finance a new vehicle. We handle everything.

  • 33% of Canadians experience financial difficulties.

  • Every one of us deserves a Fresh Start.

  • We can help.

Fresh Start Credit is the car financing division of Auto Clearing Ltd. in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Whether it's a new or used vehicle you're looking for, our online Fresh Start Credit approval form is straightforward and takes a few minutes to complete. Fill out our credit approval form and we'll work hard to find you the best financing rate available.

Get your car financing preapproved and start shopping for your new vehicle today!